How to Craft Elevator Pitch with Practical Examples | Jordensky

How to Craft Elevator Pitch with Practical Examples. The elevator pitch provides a 30 sec and persuasive summary of your business.

How to Craft Elevator Pitch with Practical Examples | Jordensky
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At the airport, you just ran into a previous client. He greets you and then inquires about the nature of your startup. You start to speak but suddenly stop. What on earth do you even begin?

Then, as you're trying to gather your thoughts, he gets on his aircraft. He would have stayed long enough to set up a meeting if you had been more prepared, you can be certain of that.

Having a "elevator pitch" is helpful in this circumstance. This is a brief prepared speech that quickly and effectively conveys what your company does.

In this post, we'll look at how to create a good pitch and instances in which these are valuable.

The elevator pitch provides a succinct and persuasive summary of your business. The response you give when someone asks you, "So, what do you do?" by chance in an elevator is known as your elevator pitch.

Elevator Pitch -

The goal is to respond with the desired response in less than 30 seconds, or before the elevator ride is through. You want to be as effective as possible during that period, ideally eliciting a response like your questioner asking for your business card, requesting a follow-up contact, or requesting further information.

Your positioning statement is expanded in some ways in your elevator pitch.

Your elevator pitch serves as a crucial tool in a broader framework for sales circumstances including trade exhibitions, discussions with investors, and networking events.

The objective of the elevator pitch is to effectively and concisely convey the most important information. Include these essential components to get the desired effects.

The ideal elevator pitch length

  • Use "a hook" or rhetorical "trick" to draw the listener in and peak their interest. This could take the shape of a question. The hook ought to be related to the rest of your pitch in some way.
  • Describe the type of business you are. If your mission statement is brief and to the point, you can quote it.
  • List your target audience.
  • What problem does this target consumer have? Mention the issue you help your clients with.
  • Describe your product or solution in detail and how you intend to alleviate this problem. Don't go into great depth; just hit the highlights.
  • Identify your primary distinction. Make sure the customer will find it to have clear and distinct value.
  • By including a piece of information that may interest your investor, you can strengthen your pitch. Describe why your business is a good fit for them in particular and emphasise the benefits it could offer them.

If you're an early-stage startup, keep in mind that a crucial component of your pitch, particularly when making it to investors, is your background and trustworthiness.

Last but not least, make sure you give your elevator pitch clearly and with conviction. You should repeatedly practise delivering it until you feel really sure in your message.

Example of Elevator Pitch

1. Elevator Pitch for Online Stays

Price is a concern for the majority of online travellers, and lodging is one of the most expensive aspects of travel.

However, websites like Couchsurfing have shown that more over half a million people are prepared to share their spare beds or couches.

We have developed a platform that allows visitors to book our rooms or even entire properties by connecting them with locals. Savings for tourists and revenue for residents from their unoccupied rooms are achieved through our 10% commission.

Does it sound okay?

2. Elevator Pitch for Co-working Space

The number of consultants, freelancers, and small company owners totals ()MM in the India. Office space is difficult and expensive to lease, particularly in big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore. The idea of "space as a service" was our idea. People can rent a desk or office at one of our 20 sites in the city without having to deal with the hassles of a typical lease, effectively saving at least 25% of the cost. They gain access to a group of like-minded individuals, a front desk that is shared, and a mailroom.

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