Frequently Asked Questions

At Jordensky, we want to be clear and accurate in handling our accounts and explaining how our service works. If you're unsure about anything or have a question not covered here, just message us. We're here to help and make sure you get the information you need

How we work

How does Jordensky's pricing work?

Our bookkeeping and tax plans are based on an annual subscription model with clear pricing that adjusts according to your expense rate and business needs, including connected institutions, bills, and invoices. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Is customer support included? Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! Support is an integral part of your plan. Your dedicated finance expert is ready to answer any questions you may have. We aim to respond to inquiries within a business day or less.

Will Jordensky handle sending invoices to my customers and help with bill payments?

Yes, we're delighted to offer this support as an extra service. Please reach out to our sales representative for more information.

What types of companies can benefit from Jordensky's services?

We serve over a hundred of customers across various sizes and industries, with a focus on high-growth technology startups, ecommerce providers, professional services, non–profits, and more. Contact us to see if Jordensky is the right fit for your business.

What are the prerequisites to start with Jordensky?

We have three requirements to ensure accurate books for your business:
- Electronic transaction access
- Expense reporting software
- No mixing of personal expenses

Do you support international companies?

We support foreign entities incorporated in India, regardless of your global location.

Are AP/AR services part of Jordensky Bookkeeping?

These services are not included by default, but you can add them to any plan. Please consult your sales representative for more details.

Pricing Plans

How are prices adjusted as my business expands with Jordensky?

We believe in clear and fair pricing. Monthly, we analyze the average of your last 3 months' books, considering changes in financial connections, special transactions, and support hours.

How do I determine my monthly expenses and what's included?

For pricing, we include your monthly spending, covering payroll, cost of goods sold, and distributions.

Why is pricing based on expenses?

It's about simplicity and transparency. After exploring various models, we found that expenses closely align with business complexity. We also consider financial institutions, transactions, and support hours to tailor the right Jordensky plan for you.

What's Jordensky's cancellation policy, especially for prepaid yearly plans?

Your subscription runs until the billing cycle ends. If you choose not to renew after the year, inform us beforehand, and we'll stop billing for the next cycle.

Does prepaying for a year guarantee a fixed price?

No, because rapid business growth may increase bookkeeping complexity. If expenses or support needs exceed your prepaid amount, we'll bill the difference that month.

Are there one-time fees when signing up for Jordensky?

No, there's no onboarding charge.


What is a tech-enabled accounting provided by Jordensky?

It's a platform using technology to simplify and automate accounting tasks, making financial management easier for startups and growing businesses in India.

How can tech-enabled accounting benefit my business in India?

It streamlines financial processes, saves time, reduces errors, and ensures compliance with Indian tax regulations.

Is my data safe on the platform?

Absolutely. We use advanced security measures to protect your data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection laws.

Do I need accounting knowledge to use the platform?

No, our user-friendly interface is designed for non-accountants. No prior accounting knowledge is required.

Can I access my financial data from anywhere?

Yes, our platform is cloud-based, allowing you to access your financial information securely from any location.

How does the platform handle Indian tax regulations?

We stay updated with Indian tax laws, helping you comply effortlessly and avoid penalties.

Can I integrate the platform with other business tools?

Yes, our platform is compatible with various business applications, making it easy to integrate and streamline your workflow.

What types of businesses can benefit from the platform?

It caters to businesses of all sizes and types, from startups to established enterprises, across various industries in India.

How does the pricing work?

We offer transparent and flexible pricing plans tailored to your business needs. No hidden fees. Check our pricing plan.

Can the platform generate financial reports?

Yes, it provides customizable reports, giving you insights into your financial performance at a glance. You can access Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statement on your fingertips.

Is customer support available?

Absolutely. Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter.

How often is the platform updated?

We regularly update the platform to enhance features, security, and compliance with the latest regulations.

Can I import data from my existing accounting system?

Yes, our platform allows easy data migration from various accounting systems to ensure a smooth transition.

Can I collaborate with my accountant on the platform?

Yes, our platform facilitates seamless collaboration between you and your accountant for better financial management.

What training is provided for using the platform?

We offer simple tutorials and guides to get you started. No extensive training is needed.

Are there any limitations on the number of users?

Our pricing plans offer flexibility, allowing you to add users based on your business needs without restrictions.


What is the deadline for filing income tax returns in India?

The deadline is usually July 31st, but it's advisable to check for any extensions or changes.

How can I e-file my income tax return?

You can e-file through the official income tax website or use authorized e-filing platforms.

Are there any penalties for late filing?

Yes, late filing can result in penalties, so it's crucial to file your income tax returns on time.

Can the platform help with income tax deductions?

Absolutely, our platform guides you on eligible deductions to optimize your tax liabilities.

Does the platform support digital signatures for tax documents?

Yes, our platform facilitates the use of digital signatures for secure and efficient document submissions.

How does the platform assist with GST compliance?

We at Jordensky automates GST filings, tracks input and output tax, and ensures accurate compliance with GST regulations.

Can the Jordensky platform handle GST returns for multiple states?

Yes, our platform is equipped to manage GST returns for businesses operating in multiple states in India.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with GST regulations?

Non-compliance may lead to penalties and legal actions. Our platform helps you stay GST compliant and ensure you do not pay interest and penalty again.

Can I get real-time GST insights?

Yes, our platform provides real-time updates on your GST transactions for informed decision-making.

Does the platform support GST reconciliation?

Absolutely, it streamlines the reconciliation process for accurate GST filings.

How does the platform handle TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) compliance?

Jordensky automates TDS calculations, filings, and ensures compliance with TDS regulations in India.

Can I generate reports for tax audits?

Yes, the Jordensky platform generates comprehensive reports to simplify the tax audit process.

Does the platform cover other indirect taxes in India?

Yes, it supports compliance with various indirect taxes, ensuring your business adheres to all relevant regulations.

Can the platform assist with tax planning?

Absolutely, our platform and tax experts provides insights for effective tax planning to optimize your financial strategy.

How does the platform stay updated on changing tax laws?

We regularly update our system to align with the latest changes in tax laws, ensuring continuous compliance. Our experts host regular events to keep everyone abreast of latest law.

Can the platform generate Form 16 for employees?

Yes, it simplifies the process of generating Form 16 for employee tax filings.

What support is available for tax-related queries?

Our customer support team is ready to assist with any tax-related queries or concerns.

Does the platform provide reminders for tax deadlines?

Yes, it sends timely reminders for tax deadlines to help you stay organized and avoid penalties.

Can I file taxes for previous financial years?

Yes, our platform allows you to file taxes for previous financial years, ensuring complete compliance.

Is there a feature for tracking and managing tax refunds?

Yes, the platform helps you track and manage tax refunds efficiently for a smoother financial process.

CFO Services

What does CFO services entail for my business?

CFO services involve strategic financial planning, analysis, and decision-making to optimize your company's financial performance.

Is CFO service only for large businesses?

No, Jordensky’s CFO services cater to businesses of all sizes, providing tailored financial expertise to meet your specific needs

How can a virtual CFO benefit my company?

A virtual CFO offers cost-effective financial expertise, guiding your business without the need for a full-time in-house CFO.

Can CFO services help with budgeting and forecasting?

Absolutely, our CFO services assist in creating realistic budgets and accurate financial forecasts for informed decision-making.

Do I need to hire a full-time CFO for these services?

No, our virtual CFO services offer the expertise you need without the commitment of a full-time hire. You can check out pricing here.

What role does a CFO play in financial risk management?

A CFO helps identify and mitigate financial risks, ensuring your business is well-prepared for challenges.

How does a virtual CFO handle financial reporting?

Our virtual CFO services streamline financial reporting, providing clear insights into your company's financial health.

Can CFO services assist in fundraising efforts?

Yes, our CFO services guide you through fundraising strategies, ensuring your financials attract potential investors.

MIS Services

What is MIS (Management Information System) and how does it benefit my business?

MIS captures, analyzes, and presents critical business data, empowering informed decision-making for enhanced business performance.

How does automated MIS differ from traditional reporting methods?

Automated MIS eliminates manual data handling, providing real-time insights and reducing the risk of errors in reporting.

Can the platform integrate data from various sources into the MIS?

Yes, our platform seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources, creating a comprehensive and unified MIS.

How does expert-powered MIS enhance data analysis?

Expert-powered MIS incorporates human expertise to interpret complex data, offering deeper insights beyond automated analysis.

Is the MIS platform customizable to our specific business needs?

Absolutely, Jordensky’s MIS services are customizable, allowing you to tailor reports and dashboards to meet your unique business requirements.

What role does the platform play in strategic decision-making?

The platform provides actionable insights, enabling strategic decision-makers to make informed choices based on real-time data.

How secure is the data on the MIS platform?

We prioritize data security with advanced encryption measures, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your business data.

Can the MIS platform handle historical data for trend analysis?

Yes, the platform can analyze historical data to identify trends and patterns, helping in proactive decision-making.

What level of technical expertise is required to use the MIS platform?

Our user-friendly interface requires minimal technical expertise, making MIS accessible for users with varying skill levels.

How does the MIS platform contribute to performance monitoring?

The platform monitors key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing you to track and analyze the performance of various business aspects in real-time.