Statutory And Tax Compliance Due Dates For The Month Of October 2023

Statutory And Tax Compliance Calendar

Statutory And Tax Compliance Due Dates For The Month Of October 2023
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List of Statutory And Tax Compliance For The Month Of October 2023

Individuals and businesses, large and small, are required in India to comply with tax and statutory compliance requirements. It is critical for all businesses (Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship Firm) to keep track of various compliance Due dates that fall in each month of the year, such as Income Tax Return Filing, GST Return Filing, ROC Compliance Due dates, and so on.

It is important for Startups & businesses to stay compliant with various compliance during the month.

Please refer to various due dates for the month of October 2023

7th October

  • Due Date for Payment of TDS for the month of September 2023

11th October

  • GSTR 1 for September 2023 - Taxpayers having an aggregate turnover of more than Rs.5 Crores or opted to file Monthly Return

13th October

  • GSTR 1 for QRMP for (July 23 – Sept 23)
  • GSTR 6 for the month of September 2023 for ISD (Input Service Distributor)

15th October

  • Payment of PF & ESIC for the month of September 2023
  • Quarterly statement of TCS deposited for the quarter ending September 30, 2023

20th October

  • GSTR 3B for the month of September 2023 for a taxpayer other than QRMP taxpayers
  • Filing GSTR 5 & 5A for September 2023

22nd October

  • Due date for filing GSTR 3B under QRMP scheme

29th October

  • Due date for AOC 4 Filing for Companies for FY 2022-23
  • Due date for MGT 14 after passing any resolution

30th October

  • Form 8 Filing for LLP's for FY 2022-23

31st October

  • PT Return for the month of September 2023 (Monthly Filer)
  • Quarterly statement of TDS deposited for the quarter ending September, 2023
  • Due date for furnishing of Annual audited accounts for each approved programmes under section 35(2AA)
  • Due date for filing of return of income for the assessment year 2023-24 if the assessee (not having any international or specified domestic transaction) is (a) corporate-assessee or (b) non-corporate assessee (whose books of account are required to be audited) or (c)partner of a firm whose accounts are required to be audited or the spouse of such partner if the provisions of section 5A apply Note: The due date of furnishing of Return of Income in Form ITR-7 in the case of assessees referred to in clause (a) of Explanation 2 to section 139(1) has been extended from October 31, 2023 to November 30, 2023, vide Circular no. 16/2023, dated 18-09-2023
  • Audit report under section 44AB for the assessment year 2023-24 in the case of an assessee who is also required to submit a report pertaining to international or specified domestic transactions under section 92E

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