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Our top-tier analyst will handle your spreadsheets, graphs, and automations. P&L, CF, Financial Projections, Plan/Fact, Unit Economics, and finally, peace of mind can be achieved.

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Big or small, we will get all your financial data in order, and in the cloud to ensure technology play a role to provide accurate and timely MIS to the management and to the investor for decision making. Move fast, get real results, save money, and grow revenue.

Unit economics

Understanding unit economics is very crucial for startup founders and we will make sure everyone in your company does. We will help you to create baseline and optimistic financial projections so that you dont have any surprises from now on.

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Dedicated startup accountant & financial manager. We are in touch every time, because we care!

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Your full finance stack

Jordensky goes beyond tax preparation services to offer everything you need for your business's financial management.


Jordensky’s tech-enabled team performs bookkeeping to deliver monthly books that you can trust. With jordensky, accounting is a breeze.

Get your accurate books

CFO Services

It is difficult to manage the startup and finance functions. Our top-tier CFOs will collaborate with your team to make sound financial decisions.

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Never miss another tax deadline. Our tax professionals will handle all of your taxes with ease. Taxes are simple

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Unmatched Accuracy

Every month, get accurate books delivered on time. Our expert team is aided by powerful Accounting software that automatically eliminates common errors

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Expert Support

Get a CA, CS, and legal expert to handle your company's accounting. We help you select the right payroll provider, offer financial best practises and more in addition to managing your books and taxes

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Build for Startups

We are designed for growing businesses, with accrual basis accounting, burn rate & industry reports. We work with hundreds of financial tools to automate your transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions, we have answers

What is MIS Report ?

Management Information System (MIS) reports is a powerful system to assist decision-makers to take smart decisions. These reports are prepared for a specific period and for a specific decision-maker.

What are the types of MIS Reports ?

Every MIS report has its own purpose, however it can be categorised as Summary, Trend, Cash flow, Sales, Profitability, Exception, Budgeting, Accounting or Inventory MIS report.

What is meant by a Predictive MIS Report?

Predictive MIS reports use historical data, patterns, trends etc., to predict the outcomes for your organisation. These are also called estimated reports to explain variances in performance, better financial decisions and more

What is an MIS Budget Report?

Organisations run on internal MIS reports that precast predicted budgets, targets, etc. They are used to predict, analyse, troubleshoot variances, and maintain growth and financial health.

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