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Automated Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Bangalore

Jordensky allows you to focus on your business while knowing that you'll receive accurate, detailed accounts every month.

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Overview of Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services are specifically tailored to help startup or growing business thrive, providing the financial support and guidance you need to stay ahead of the competition.

By outsourcing your business accounting and bookkeeping needs to our accounting firm, you can save time and money while focusing on growing your business. So why wait ?

Jordensky offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs.

Automation tools and an accountant all in one?
That's Jordensky.

Dedicated Expert

Your professional expert who knows you and your business and replies within 12 hours

Bank Integration

Integrate your bank to accounting system & see your cash flow real time

GST & Taxes Filing

Dedicated team will take care of your taxes as per statutory guidelines

E-Comm Insights

Connect your market place and see your sales & reconciliation with ease

Corporate Taxes

We will calculate corporate taxes and file your return. On time every time.

Docs Management

Quick and easy documents dashboard to access all your records and documents

What you get with Jordensky

Dedicated expert support

You’ll receive unlimited support from real humans, allowing you to take the guesswork out of running your business.

Tax season, less the stress

Tax-ready financials come standard with Jordensky. Need help filing? We do it for you with our tax plan.

Powerful reporting

See your business performance in real-time, so you can master your cashflow and make smarter decisions with your capital.

Business Accounting Services that we provide at Jordensky

Preparation of Financial Statements

We prepare your company’s unaudited Financial Statements, which can then be used for filing Annual taxes returns to the government.

Daily Support

A dedicated accountant who understand your business and answers quickly during business hours. We watch the deadlines, report what’s missing, and take care of your filings on time everytime.

Crystal Clear Statement and Reports

See what your money is up to and get financial insights on your own timeline. Whether it’s an income statement, balance sheet, or real-time snapshot of your financials, Jordensky's visual reports will provide the data you need to grow your business.

E-Commerce Accounting Solutions

We’re e-commerce favourites:

  • Automated reconciliation with top marketplaces
  • Optimised for Razorpay, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopify, and more
  • Real-time analytics

Cloud Accounting Solution for your business

Accounting for
early & growth stage startups

Accounting for startups requires careful planning and strategic decision-making to help ensure financial stability and growth. From managing cash flow to navigating complex tax laws, expert financial guidance can help startups lay a strong foundation for success.

Accounting for Manufacturing and Retail Industry

Inventory control and SOP are essential for manufacturing and retail companies because these industries rely on these sources for their entire operations. We as an accounting team take care of this particular need and provide the best services possible.

Accounting for
Service Based Industry

Accounts receivable and payable (AP/AR), along with asset management, are crucial requirements for a service-based company. In order to manage the business effectively, it is essential to maintain a close eye on these factors to get the right results.

Accounting for
Technologies Companies

Accounting for tech companies requires a deep understanding of the industry's unique challenges and opportunities. From revenue recognition to R&D tax credits, expert financial management is crucial for maximising profits and driving sustainable growth

Accounting for
Hospitality Industry

Accounting for hospitality companies involves navigating a complex web of revenue streams, expenses, and regulations unique to the industry. From managing inventory to optimizing pricing strategies, expert financial management can help to achieve long-term success

Accounting for
Entertainment Industry

Accounting for construction companies requires a specialized understanding of managing project costs to tracking depreciation, expert financial management is crucial for maintaining profitability and achieving sustainable growth in this dynamic sector.

Update your tax experience with Jordensky

A simple, yet effective three step process

Meet your dedicated accounting expert

We'll start by introducing you to a dedicated accounting manager. They'll learn about your company, show you how jordensky works, and gather all of the information they need from you to set up your account.

We automate your transactions

Say goodbye to email attachments. Jordensky will integrates with the services your company uses. Your finance expert will gather preliminary information, and the process will be reliable and accurate.

Get your reports, get back to work

Every month, you'll receive a detailed report that includes your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Your monthly financial reports will also include metrics relevant to your industry.

Get your reports, get back to work

Every month, you'll receive a detailed report that includes your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Your monthly financial reports will also include metrics relevant to your industry.

Need back dated Accounting?

We pair you with expert accountant to get your books up-to-date. Need more than two years of historical accounting? Our team can work with you to get caught up for dissolving your business, filing for bankruptcy, or creating an cash flow payment plan.

"I highly recommend Jordensky's accounting and bookkeeping firm for their exceptional accounting services - their expertise has helped me achieve financial success and peace of mind in my business"

Rupesh Shah, CEO - Adonia Hospitality

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4.9 out of 1,245 reviews

Why us

Why do growing businesses prefer Jordensky

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Unmatched Accuracy

Every month, get accurate books delivered on time. Our expert team is aided by powerful Accounting software that automatically eliminates common errors

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Expert Support

Get a CA, CS, and legal expert to handle your company's accounting. We help you select the right payroll provider, offer financial best practises and more in addition to managing your books and taxes

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Build for Startups

We are designed for growing businesses, with accrual basis accounting, burn rate & industry reports. We work with hundreds of financial tools to automate your transactions

Get in touch and start growing your startup today

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions, we have answers

We aims for accuracy and transparency in our books and our service If anything remains unclear please send us as a message and we will answer.

How does pricing work?

Our accounting and tax services are delivered through a monthly subscription model with transparent pricing that scales with your business requirements. More information is available on our pricing page.

Is assistance provided, can I ask questions?

Yes! Your plan includes assistance. Your finance expert is available to answer any questions you may have. We strive to respond to all inquiries within one business day or less. More information is available on our pricing page.

What types of businesses do you typically work with?

Our customers are typically startups and growing businesses from around the world. Our smallest client employs about 5 people, while our largest employs over 2,000.

How does accounting help my business?

Our Accounting firm will help you understand where your money is coming from (and going.) When your books are up to date, you can make better financial decisions because you have a more accurate picture of your  company's health.

What exactly is the role of my accountant?

Your accountant balances your accounts, categorises your transactions, and prepares your financial statements. They also make changes to your books in order for them to be tax-compliant.

How long does it take me to complete accounting each month?

We will finish your month's accounting within 05 business days of receiving all of your documents. This gives us enough time to make any necessary changes before the end of the month.