Ebook - Understanding Cap Tables for Founders/Investors

Ebook - Understanding Cap Tables
A capitalization table (or "cap table" for short) is a table that depicts a company's Shareholders and Investors. A cap table, in more specific terms, is a list of all shareholders and their corresponding assigned stock. The cap table is then used by a company to keep track of the total number of shares, the value of those shares, and the equity ownership of all the startup's shareholders.

What's inside

What exactly is a cap table? What are the various terms and instruments you should be familiar with? How do you make yours? To help you understand everything you need to know about cap tables for startups, we've created free E-book for you

This E-book will explain

  • What is Cap Table
  • How to build Cap Table
  • How Cap table works with Seed Funding, Series A,B,C, Partial Exit and Full Exit scenarios

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