Pro-rata rights

Pro-rata rights empower an investor to maintain their proportional ownership stake in a company by participating in subsequent funding rounds. This provision allows investors to uphold their percentage of ownership and signals commitment to promising ventures.

What it Means:

Pro-rata rights grant existing investors the option to inject additional capital into a startup during subsequent funding rounds. This ensures that their ownership percentage remains consistent, showcasing confidence in the company's growth trajectory.

How to Calculate:

Calculating the pro-rata investment involves determining the investor's current ownership percentage and applying it to the total shares available in the new funding round. This helps ascertain the amount of additional capital the investor can contribute to maintain their proportional stake.

Why Measure:

Measuring pro-rata rights is essential for both investors and founders. It provides investors with a strategic tool to reinforce their commitment to successful portfolio companies. For founders, understanding and honoring these rights can foster stronger relationships with key investors.


Consider an Indian startup that raised INR 20 crore in its initial funding round. An investor holding a 20% stake due to pro-rata rights maintains the option to invest INR 4 crore in subsequent rounds to retain their ownership percentage, signaling sustained confidence in the company's trajectory.

In the dynamic landscape of Indian startups, pro-rata rights emerge as a symbiotic mechanism, aligning investor interests with the growth aspirations of entrepreneurs. Navigating these rights strategically can foster long-term partnerships and contribute to the sustained success of emerging ventures.