Post-money Valuation

Post-money valuation in the landscape of startup finances refers to the overall estimated worth of a company after incorporating the capital injected during the current financing round. It signifies the company's value inclusive of the recent infusion of funds.

What it Means:

This valuation metric portrays the aggregated value of the startup, encompassing both its pre-existing value (pre-money valuation) and the additional capital infused in the current funding round. It is a crucial indicator of the company's standing in the aftermath of the investment.

How to Calculate:

Calculating post-money valuation involves adding the pre-money valuation (the company's worth before the funding) to the amount of capital injected in the current round. For instance, if a company with a pre-money valuation of 10 crore INR receives a 3 crore INR investment, the post-money valuation stands at 13 crore INR.

Why Measure:

Measuring post-money valuation is essential for investors and founders alike. It provides insights into the true value of the company post the funding injection, aiding investors in assessing the impact of their investment and assisting founders in gauging their company's worth in the current market scenario.


Consider an Indian startup with a pre-money valuation of 20 crore INR. After securing a funding round of 8 crore INR, the post-money valuation becomes 28 crore INR. This metric becomes pivotal for stakeholders navigating the dynamic landscape of Indian startup finance.

Understanding post-money valuation empowers Indian founders to make informed decisions and enables investors to comprehend the comprehensive value they bring to the startup ecosystem.