Piggyback Registration Rights

Piggyback Registration Rights grant investors the privilege to include their shares in a public offering conducted by the company or another shareholder. This right is often unlimited until registration rights conclude.

What it Means:

Investors with Piggyback Registration Rights can 'piggyback' on public offerings initiated by the company or fellow shareholders. This allows seamless inclusion of their shares, streamlining the process of participating in public markets.

How to Calculate:

Calculation involves understanding the terms outlined in the Piggyback Registration Rights agreement. It typically doesn't involve complex calculations but requires careful consideration of the conditions triggering the right.

Why Measure:

Measuring Piggyback Registration Rights is crucial for founders as it impacts the ease with which investors can join public offerings. It simplifies the path for investors to capitalize on market opportunities, contributing to a smoother transition to public markets.


Imagine an Indian startup preparing for an IPO. Investors with Piggyback Registration Rights seamlessly include their shares in the public offering, capitalizing on the favorable market conditions. This flexibility enhances investor liquidity and reinforces investor confidence in the startup's growth journey.

Understanding Piggyback Registration Rights is essential for Indian founders eyeing public offerings. It not only empowers investors but also contributes to the overall success of the IPO, fostering a collaborative ecosystem in the Indian startup landscape.