Option Pool

An Option Pool is a predetermined set of Common Stock shares, specified in the corporate charter, reserved to be offered to employees, officers, and directors at favorable prices. It aims to attract a skilled team without triggering Price Antidilution Protection for Preferred Stock.

What it Means:

Option Pools serve as a strategic tool for startups, facilitating the allocation of equity to key contributors at discounted rates. These shares, outlined in the corporate charter, form an essential part of talent acquisition, aligning team members with the company's success.

How to Calculate:

The size of the Option Pool is often determined as a percentage of fully diluted shares, typically around 15%. Calculation involves estimating the number of shares necessary to incentivize a high-caliber team capable of realizing the company's business goals.

Why Measure:

Measuring the effectiveness of an Option Pool involves assessing its alignment with talent acquisition needs, avoiding dilution triggers for Preferred Stock, and ensuring it complements the company's valuation strategy. A well-calibrated Option Pool contributes to sustained growth.


Imagine an Indian startup, estimating the need for a skilled team to drive innovation. By incorporating a thoughtfully designed Option Pool in their corporate charter, offering shares at an attractive rate, they successfully attract top talent crucial for their expansion, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.

For Indian founders, understanding and optimizing the Option Pool is not just about equity distribution; it's a strategic move, fostering growth while retaining financial resilience.