Limited Partner (LP)

A Limited Partner (LP) serves as a major investor, typically funding 99–100% of a venture capital or private equity fund. LPs play a pivotal role in supporting the growth of startups by providing capital for investments.

What it Means:

For Indian founders, understanding LPs is crucial for securing funding. LPs contribute substantial capital to funds, allowing them to actively participate in the startup ecosystem. This symbiotic relationship accelerates the growth of promising ventures.

How to Calculate:

Calculating LP involvement involves assessing the percentage of fund capital provided by them. This can be determined by dividing the LP's investment amount by the total fund size, showcasing their significant contribution to the fund.

Why Measure:

Measuring LP impact is vital for Indian founders seeking funding. Recognizing the proportion of capital coming from LPs helps startups gauge the fund's strength and potential support for their initiatives.


Consider an Indian VC fund, GrowthPioneers, with a total size of INR 50 crore. If an LP, WealthInvestors, invests INR 45 crore, they become a dominant force, funding 90% of the fund. This significant contribution positions WealthInvestors as a key LP, influencing fund decisions.

In the dynamic landscape of Indian startups, LPs emerge as crucial allies, fueling innovation and growth. As founders navigate the funding landscape, recognizing the role of LPs becomes integral to forging successful partnerships and propelling startups towards success.