Growth Equity

Growth Equity represents private investments in established, late-stage companies. The primary objective is to fuel revenue growth by expanding into new markets. Investors typically acquire minority positions in leading companies within well-established market segments.

What it Means:

For Indian founders, Growth Equity is a strategic financing approach, injecting capital into companies with proven market leadership. It propels business expansion, supporting initiatives to capture new market shares and drive revenue growth.

How to Calculate:

The calculation of Growth Equity involves assessing the valuation and percentage of ownership acquired by investors in a late-stage company. Investors provide capital in exchange for equity, facilitating the company's growth initiatives.

Why Measure:

Measuring Growth Equity is crucial for Indian entrepreneurs seeking funding at later stages. It allows founders to secure substantial capital without relinquishing majority control, fostering strategic partnerships with investors who bring not just funds but valuable expertise.


Consider the Indian tech firm, TechInnovate, seeking Growth Equity. An investor injects INR 50 crore for a 20% stake. TechInnovate's pre-investment valuation was INR 200 crore. The post-investment valuation is INR 250 crore (INR 200 crore + INR 50 crore). The Growth Equity invested is INR 50 crore, reflecting the capital infusion for future growth.

In the dynamic Indian startup landscape, Growth Equity empowers founders to accelerate expansion plans, secure strategic partnerships, and position their companies as market leaders. Mastering this concept is vital for entrepreneurs navigating the path to sustained growth and success.