General Partner of a fund

GP, or General Partner, refers to a key player in a fund responsible for managing its operations and making investment decisions. The GP typically carries a stake in the fund, aligning their interests with those of the limited partners (LPs).

What it Means:

As the orchestrator of a fund's activities, the GP is entrusted with steering investment strategies, ensuring fund growth, and generating returns for investors. Their role involves decision-making, fund administration, and fostering a profitable investment portfolio.

How to Calculate:

Calculating the impact of a GP involves assessing their carried interest or share in the profits. This is often a percentage of the fund's profits, providing a direct correlation to their performance and success in generating returns.

Why Measure:

Measuring the influence of a GP is crucial for Indian founders seeking investment. Understanding the GP's track record, investment philosophy, and alignment with the fund's objectives aids founders in selecting funds that align with their business goals.


Imagine an Indian tech startup, ByteSprint, securing funding from a venture capital fund. The fund's GP, with a 20% carried interest, means they receive 20% of the profits. If ByteSprint thrives and the fund yields significant returns, the GP's share reflects their expertise and successful fund management.

For Indian founders embarking on investment journeys, comprehending the role and impact of GPs is paramount. It steers decision-making when choosing investment partners and ensures a collaborative path toward mutual success.