Fund of funds

A Fund of Funds (FoF) in the realm of Indian startup finances is a specialized investment vehicle crafted to channel capital into private equity or venture capital funds. This entity, often known as a Limited Partner (LP), plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth of startups by investing in multiple funds.

What it Means:

For Indian founders seeking diversified funding avenues, a Fund of Funds serves as a gateway to a network of venture capital funds. It operates as an indirect investor, pooling resources to access a portfolio of startups through various venture capital funds, amplifying the impact of the invested capital.

How to Calculate:

Calculating the effectiveness of a Fund of Funds involves assessing its overall returns based on the performance of the underlying venture capital or private equity funds in which it invests. Evaluating the diversification benefits and the aggregate performance of the funds in the portfolio provides insights into its efficacy.

Why Measure:

In the Indian startup ecosystem, measuring the impact of a Fund of Funds is crucial for both investors and founders. It enhances the understanding of how effectively the fund allocates resources, mitigates risks, and contributes to the growth of the startups within its portfolio.


Imagine an Indian startup, TechInnovate, receiving investments from a Fund of Funds valued at INR 50 million. This Fund of Funds, acting as an LP across multiple venture capital funds, provides TechInnovate access to a diverse range of resources and expertise, fostering accelerated growth.

As Indian founders traverse the complex landscape of startup financing, grasping the significance of a Fund of Funds becomes paramount. It acts as a catalyst for innovation, connecting startups with a broader pool of capital and expertise, thereby catalyzing the evolution of India's entrepreneurial landscape.