Bridge Loan | Financing

A Bridge Loan in startup finance is a short-term funding solution provided by investors to sustain a company until the next round of financing. It acts as a financial bridge, offering crucial capital with the expectation of being converted into equity during the subsequent equity financing round.

What it Means:

A Bridge Loan serves as a financial lifeline, preventing cash flow gaps for startups awaiting the next funding round. Investors provide this short-term capital injection, and in return, the loan is typically converted into equity when the company secures its next equity financing.

How to Calculate:

Bridge Loans are not calculated in the traditional sense. The terms, including the loan amount, interest rates, and conversion mechanisms, are negotiated between the startup and the investors. The conversion into equity is based on the predetermined terms set during the loan agreement.

Why Measure:

For Indian founders, measuring the impact of a Bridge Loan involves assessing its effectiveness in sustaining operations and paving the way for subsequent financing. It's a strategic tool to navigate temporary financial gaps, ensuring the continuity of business activities while gearing up for the next funding round.


Imagine an Indian biotech startup awaiting its Series B funding round. Faced with short-term financial constraints, the founders opt for a Bridge Loan of ₹2 crores from existing investors. The loan terms include a conversion mechanism, specifying that the loan amount will convert into equity during the upcoming Series B round.

In this scenario, the Bridge Loan provides the necessary capital infusion, allowing the startup to continue operations seamlessly. The loan converts into equity when the Series B funding is secured, aligning the interests of the investors with the long-term success of the startup.

In conclusion, Bridge Loans emerge as a strategic financial instrument for Indian startups, offering a temporary lifeline during critical phases. By efficiently managing this bridge to subsequent funding rounds, founders can ensure the sustained growth and success of their ventures in the dynamic landscape of the Indian startup ecosystem.