Annual Revenue Run Rate

The Annual Revenue Run Rate (ARRR) is a financial metric that estimates a startup's total revenue for the year based on its monthly revenue. It provides founders with a snapshot of their business's revenue trajectory and helps in forecasting annual performance.

What it Means:

ARRR is a projection calculated by multiplying the revenue from the last month by 12. It serves as a valuable tool for Indian founders, offering a quick assessment of their company's financial health and potential growth rate for the entire year.

How to Calculate:

To calculate ARRR, multiply the revenue generated in the last month by 12. For instance, if a startup records ₹5,00,000 in revenue in the most recent month, the ARRR would be ₹5,00,000 * 12 = ₹60,00,000.

Why Measure:

ARRR is crucial for Indian founders for several reasons. It aids in budgeting, goal-setting, and investor communication. By providing a forward-looking perspective, it enables better decision-making and strategic planning for sustainable growth.


Consider an Indian e-commerce startup that generates ₹8,00,000 in revenue in the last month. Calculating the ARRR: ₹8,00,000 * 12 = ₹96,00,000. This means the startup, based on its current monthly performance, is on track to generate approximately ₹96 lakhs in revenue for the entire year.

In this scenario, the ARRR empowers the founder to assess their company's performance and make informed decisions, whether it's scaling operations, optimizing marketing strategies, or seeking additional funding to support the projected growth.

In conclusion, for Indian founders, leveraging the Annual Revenue Run Rate provides a valuable perspective on their startup's financial trajectory. By understanding and utilizing this metric, founders can navigate the dynamic business landscape with foresight, positioning their startups for sustained success.