Top 5 Indian VC Funds who are supporting Women Startup Founders in India

Indian women entrepreneurs are therefore anticipated to rise by 90% over the following five years. Here are top 5 Indian VC Funds

Top 5 Indian VC Funds who are supporting Women Startup Founders in India

Top 5 VC Funds Helping Women Entrepreneurs In India

The environment for women entrepreneurs in India has transformed during the last few years. And India is witnessing a revolution in the number of female entrepreneurs in this age of startups, digitalization and globalization.

Despite being less prevalent (7 out of 100 entrepreneurs in India are female), female entrepreneurs are not only going head-to-head with their male counter parts but are also outperforming them in terms of ideas and execution strategies.

Indian women entrepreneurs are therefore anticipated to rise by 90% over the following five years. According to a report by Bain and Company and Google, women entrepreneurs in India can create 150–170 million employment by 2030.

There is no denying the brilliance of Indian women entrepreneurs, but barely 1.5% of the country's startup investment goes to companies with female founders.

Several women-focused VC funds have developed over the past several years to address the funding issue and provide Indian female entrepreneurs a little push and opportunity to succeed. The top five venture capital (VC) funds supporting female entrepreneurs in India will be examined in this article.

Top 5 VC Funds Helping Women Entrepreneurs In India

1. Kalaari Capital

Kalaari Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm with a technology focus that is based in Bengaluru. Since 2006, Kalaari Capital has aided creative businesspeople by developing distinctive solutions that have transformed how Indians live, work, consume, and conduct business.

By generating exponential value for the economy through its CXXO programme, Kalaari Capital is levelling the playing field for female founder-CEOs in shaping India's digital future. Women founders have access tofunding, networking opportunities, and industry expert mentoring through the CXXO Program, which boosts their chances of success.

The company is bringing decades of experience to accelerate startups at scale and build strong, long-term ties with founders as India's startup environment undergoes a significant change.

Through the CXXO initiative, Kalaari Capital has sponsored more than 110 startups, including women-led businesses like Aastey, Kindlife, Samosa Party, and Creative Galileo.

2. Saha Fund

The Saha Fund is the first venture capital fund for women entrepreneurs in the world, investing in early-stage businesses that support women's entrepreneurship, employment, diversity, and technology.

 The VC fund supports women's economic participation through value investing and investments in world-class businesses led by exceptional women entrepreneurs.

The company has supported a number of women-led firms, including Fitternity (bought by CureFit), MyAlly (acquired by Phenom People),LoveLocal, and Joules to Watts. It invests across healthcare, finance, education, future of work technology, and consumer tech.


AWE Funds encourages scalable, sustainable, and gender-equitable growth with the intention of having a good impact on everyone in the economy.

 It makes investments in companies with a focus on innovation that are run or influenced by women. The company focuses largely on sectors where it can boost female participation while utilizing its networks to enhance the value of its portfolio companies in the healthcare, food and agribusiness, sustainability (Green Energy & Water), education, fintech, and other sectors.

Freshokartz, Remedico, Velmeni, and Agam are among thecompanies in its portfolio.

4. She Capital

She Capital, a 2018 startup VC fund, supports exceptional female startups from the Seed through Series A stage.

The company is enabling the next generation of high-growth female-focused businesses to scale while offering business opportunities and mentoring services to improve their entrepreneurial skills. The firm is supported by the Small Industries Development Bank of India and international and local family offices.

The company makes investments in start-ups that have at least one female co-founder or executive who has an equity stake and plays asignificant role. Clovia, Samosa Singh, ELEV8, and Spark Studio have all received funding from She Capital.

5. StrongHer Ventures

The Saha Fund, which concentrates on pre-seed and early-stage tech-driven businesses, is the first of two worldwide women-focused innovation funds. StrongHer Ventures is the second.

The VC fund, established by Ankita Vashistha in response to the Saha Fund's success, offers money, contacts, a community, and ongoing learning opportunities for women in the fields of fintech, the future of work, healthcare, consumer goods, and web 3.0.

Over 1 million women, 5,000 startups, and 1,000entrepreneurs will interact with its women-led Arise Accelerator, which will invest in more than 200 firms. StrongHer Ventures has invested in a number of firms, including,, Basis,, Gladful, Cora, ReadySet Jet,, and Meolaa.

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